Our Design Build Approach Will Keep Your Project on Time, On Budget and Virtually Eliminates the Most Common Home Construction Headaches

  • Written, fixed-price proposal with a detailed cost breakdown and a “no surprises” price guarantee for the work specified once your design work is completed
  • Recent Customers You Can Call PLUS Bank and Business References.
  • Design-build services using 3D CAD software to help you visualize and tour your project and work out details before construction begins.
  • A proven design/build method that lowers your cost, decreases build time and ensures a worry-free project from start to finish.
  • Simple, common sense, easy to understand payment schedule so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • You’re working directly with the owner who is supervising your project personally.
  • If you’re concerned about the cost of your project and getting the most for your money, our design/build process practically eliminates the most common reasons many projects wind up costing more than the initial bid.

    In fact a study at Penn State University showed that when using the design/build process, the number of unforeseen change orders, once work began, was reduced by 90%!

    what to Expect - From start to finish

    For most people, this is a once-in-a-lifetime project and it can seem a bit overwhelming since many people don’t even know where to start what’s involved with turning their dream into a reality and are concerned that it’s going to cost more than they had planned.

    This process, developed over the past 24 years in the construction business, ensures that your dream home project doesn’t become a nightmare.

    During the initial call, we will ask many questions to better understand your project and how we are best able to serve your needs. This also gives you a chance to get to know us better.

    REMEMBER The contractor you choose is going to be a big part of your life throughout the project and you want to make sure you’re working with a company you feel comfortable with. At the end of the call, we will schedule a time for our initial site visit and project consultation.

    If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve been thinking about your project for some time. You may have a wish list of everything you want in your new home and initially, we’ll discuss all your ideas and what you want to do.

    We’ll also discuss a realistic budget for your project. Based on what you want to do and our experience, we’ll give you an honest and frank feedback as to whether or not what you had planned is in line with what you want to spend.

    Often, most homeowners have no idea what a project will cost. We’ll take the time to discuss all your options. At the end of the initial project consultation, we will schedule a time to get together again and review the design agreement."

    "In assembling the design agreement we create an initial scope of work including any alternative options we may have discussed during the project consultation. From this initial scope of work, we assemble the initial plans, material spec sheets and a Base Budget cost for your project. As far as we know, NOBODY ELSE does this. Yet it is a key step to ensure at the end of the project, you aren’t hit with sticker shock. The agreement also details the steps needed to move forward towards final proposal with your final project cost."

    "With your base budget in place, you’ll now know what type of upgrades will fall within your planned budget. We’ll have you visit suppliers to choose specific materials, cabinets, fixtures and other finish materials for your home. This is key to controlling costs. You are picking out exactly what you want before a final proposal. The result is that your final bid price is an accurate and realistic reflection of what your project’s final cost will be, based on your choices. Most builders will budget materials based on “allowances”. This is how many homeowners get into trouble and it can be a real end of project buster. If you wish, we’ll be happy to accompany you during your showroom visits to help guide your product selections and answer any questions you might have. This step is essential in ensuring a successful project. The end result is a detailed scope of work outlining every step of the project from demolition to cabinet knobs which allows us to deliver a finished project on time, on budget and that matches your vision. "

    "With the design phase completed we meet again to review and sign the final proposal and answer any questions you might have. Once the proposal is signed we will provide you with an estimated start date but more importantly an estimated completion date. "

    "Once construction begins we work hard to communicate the progress of your project. "

    "Because we spend the time up front during the Design/Selection phase on all the details, our clients rarely have any major changes. However, Sometimes, once construction begins, you may want to add additional materials or components to your project that were not covered in the original design. These are handled with Change Orders and must be written, agreed upon and paid per the terms of the change order when the change is accepted."